About Rohe Advocaten


Employment law is about human relations: the sometimes complex relationship between employer and employee. Our clients come to us for a swift and careful settlement of the legal aspects of the case, but emotions and the human side often also play a role in employment law. We have an eye for that. Our aim is to unburden our clients, to fully assist them and to find a fair solution that suits the situation and their rights. This does not always require legal proceedings. However if legal proceedings are required, you are in good hands with us.

What characterizes us is our commitment and the ambition to be the best in our field. We are human, open, honest and transparent. In addition to our expertise and professional competence, we see trust and involvement as the foundations on which our services are built.

About the name ROHE

Our office is named after the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. His buildings are known for their clean lines and clear shapes. They stand for quality, transparency and functionality. Less is more. We strive to create order and clarity in complex legal issues, always with quality first and in full transparency with our clients.

About the collaboration

Maarten Hilberdink and Dunya van de Mark have known each other since 2015 through their employment law practice. They were on the oposing team in legal proceedings for a long time on behalf of their clients. They won back and forth, which led to mutual respect for each other’s approach and knowledge, and with that to great confidence in a great collaboration. They take their work very seriously but do so with positivity and a good sense of humour.