Employment Law


Advice on work relationships

We provide effective advice on your employment law position. We do this for employees and employers from small to medium-sized and large and within various sectors such as construction, healthcare, education, housing, semi-government and other business services. Whether it concerns a statutory director, educational foundation, a start-up, an expat, a self-employed person, a flexible employee or ‘regular’ employee, a civil servant or teacher: you are in good hands with us for advice and legal proceedings about the following topics, among others:

  • Management contracts
  • Position (managing) director
  • Conditions of employment
  • Terms in the employment contract such as a probationary period clause, non-competition clause and non-solicitation clause
  • Advice on disability, illness and social security
  • (Dis)functioning processes and dossier building
  • Collective employment law and employee participation law
  • Transfer of undertaking
  • Employment law and bankruptcy
  • Reorganizations and redundancy schemes, social plan
  • Dismissal law

Where necessary, we work together with external specialists.

Mediation in employment conflicts

Mediation can play an important role in dispute resolution, because mediation offers the possibility to keep the solution in one’s own hands. But mediation has its own pitfalls. We are also happy to assist you effectively in a mediation process to settle disputes.